There’s more to excavation work than digging a hole. We like to say that quality construction begins from the ground up. But quality excavation begins with the end in mind.

Whether your project is a full-scale commercial development, a residential construction or remodeling project, or even simple site improvements, excavation is generally the first step in the process. Every other trade is done relative to the excavator’s work.

Our residential excavation and earth moving services include:

  • Land clearing: trees, underbrush and debris
  • Earth removal for foundations and footings
  • Grading and compacting soil for site work
  • Excavation/grading for driveways and or utilities
  • Hauling (dirt, stone, sand, etc)
  • Fine grading soil for finish landscaping and planting

Our commercial excavation services and earth moving services include:

  • Grading and compacting soil for site work
  • Footing and foundation excavation
  • Large volume earthmoving
  • Below-grade foundation preparation for concrete pours
  • Gravel compaction for roads, driveway and concrete preparation
  • Grading for paving and concrete work
  • Storm water drainage management
  • Import/export dirt, stone, sand, etc

Our agricultural and landscaping excavation services include:

  • Foundation excavation for outbuildings, barns, run in sheds, and even silos
  • Digging and excavation for ponds or water supply systems
  • Earth moving and excavation for trenches (electrical, water lines), irrigation lines
  • Leveling and grading topsoil to prepare for seed or sod installation
  • Grading and trench excavation for storm water and drainage systems
  • Grading for driveways, roads, riding arena’s, and arena footings (sand, stone dust, rubber, etc)
  • Equestrian projects: grading for riding rings, corrals and paddocks
  • Hauling (dirt, stone, sand, horse/farm animal waste, etc)


Grading moves dirt from where it is, to where it is most needed. Proper grading allows buildings to function the way the architect intended, allows for fully functioning roadways, and even allows landscaping to flourish.

There are many types of grading. “Cut and Fill” moves dirt from high spots and uses it to fill in low spots, making the site smooth and level. Similar in type but much larger in scale, “Land Leveling” is done across many acres to promote irrigation and water conservation.

Our grading services include:

  • Road grading and preparation for paving
  • Natural disasters (floods, fires, heavy wind storms)
  • Rough grading and site preparation
  • Fine grading/finish work for landscaping
  • Grading for sewer, storm water, and drainage systems


The site work isn’t finished until the restoration is complete. Restoration seeks to minimize the footprint caused by construction, natural disasters, or other damage that makes the land difficult to use for its intended purpose.

Our restoration services include:

  • Land reclamation (property clean up both residential & commercial)
  • Hauling (brush, dirt, stone, sand, junk, etc)
  • Erosion control (silk fence installation, silk fence repair)
  • Equestrian (barns pads, run ins, paddock areas)
  • Dry wells, drainage issues
  • Driveway repairs/replacement

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