We grade with the end use in mind.

Grading moves dirt from where it is, to where it is most needed. Proper grading allows buildings to function the way the architect intended, allows for fully functioning roadways, and even allows landscaping to flourish.

There are many types of grading. “Cut and Fill” moves dirt from high spots and uses it to fill in low spots, making the site smooth and level. Similar in type but much larger in scale, “Land Leveling” is done across many acres to promote irrigation and water conservation.


Grading is used to create positive ditch line drainage. Proper development and sloping of open ditch line drainage allows water to flow into storm water management facilities.

Construction contractors also require grading to prepare a proper base for buildings, roads, parking lots or driveways. Landscapers grade sites in preparation of planting to ensure the plants receive and retain sufficient water, but also ensuring water drains from buildings and foundations. Roads need ditches that allow water to drain from under the surface, preventing frost heaves and wash-outs.

Good grading starts with the end functionality in mind. Proper grading requires not only knowing how the water needs to drain but the purpose for the drainage. Superior grading sees the land from the perspective of the family enjoying a back yard that used to be a side hill, looks upon a large field from the perspective of the farmer who is ready to plant, and sees the heavily travelled road long before the trucks are rolling.

Grading requires a good grading contractor. You will find no better excavator than those at AC Site Services. We grade with the end use in mind.

Our grading services include:

  • Road grading and preparation for paving
  • Natural disasters (floods, fires, heavy wind storms)
  • Rough grading and site preparation
  • Fine grading/finish work for landscaping
  • Grading for sewer, storm water, and drainage systems