AC Site Services provides quality excavation with the end in mind.

There’s more to excavation work than digging a hole. We like to say that quality construction begins from the ground up. But quality excavation begins with the end in mind.

Whether your project is a full-scale commercial development, a residential construction or remodeling project, or even simple site improvements, excavation is generally the first step in the process. Every other trade is done relative to the excavator’s work.

When most people think of excavation, they usually think of dirt removal, digging footers/basements, roadway subgrade (underlayment), and/or digging trenches. However, because the excavator is the first tradesman on the site, he needs to consider where to locate fill piles, where to locate topsoil until it is replaced, the best path for haul roads, where other trades will need to store their building materials, consideration and creation of parking areas for workers, and even the best location for the general contractor’s office trailer. All these considerations need to be done, not only for the excavation process, but also for the entirety of the project through to completion.


A good excavator considers the safety of the tradesmen. Earth needs to be removed in such a way that holes and trenches do not collapse with workers in them or before construction is ready for backfill.

Good excavation is done with an understanding of load bearing requirements for foundations, construction site soil preservation, current and future drainage needs, and a detailed understanding of the sequence of construction events. AC Site Services provides quality excavation with the end in mind.

Our residential excavation and earth moving services include:

  • Land clearing: trees, underbrush and debris
  • Earth removal for foundations and footings
  • Grading and compacting soil for site work
  • Excavation/grading for driveways and or utilities
  • Hauling (dirt, stone, sand, etc)
  • Fine grading soil for finish landscaping and planting

Our commercial excavation services and earth moving services include:

  • Grading and compacting soil for site work
  • Footing and foundation excavation
  • Large volume earthmoving
  • Below-grade foundation preparation for concrete pours
  • Gravel compaction for roads, driveway and concrete preparation
  • Grading for paving and concrete work
  • Storm water drainage management
  • Import/export dirt, stone, sand, etc

Our agricultural and landscaping excavation services include:

  • Foundation excavation for outbuildings, barns, run in sheds, and even silos
  • Digging and excavation for ponds or water supply systems
  • Earth moving and excavation for trenches (electrical, water lines), irrigation lines
  • Leveling and grading topsoil to prepare for seed or sod installation
  • Grading and trench excavation for storm water and drainage systems
  • Grading for driveways, roads, riding arena’s, and arena footings (sand, stone dust, rubber, etc)
  • Equestrian projects: grading for riding rings, corrals and paddocks
  • Hauling (dirt, stone, sand, horse/farm animal waste, etc)